Hi there!

My name is Peter and I am originally from Europe. I have been in business for almost ten years since I left high school. My main business is still in Europe.  However, it is already 4 years since I visited the USA for the first time. It was in NYC the capital city of the world business. I remember how I had been fascinated the first day by Manhattan and the power of the city. Everything was so big so quick compared to Europe. The business environment was very aggressive and competitive. That time it was more like a vacation and time to improve my weak English. After 3 months I got back for some time to Europe.


My next trip to North America was Toronto in Canada. I spent there more than ten months on Working Holiday Visa. I would highly recommend to anybody who wants to improve English or just get new experiences from a foreign country to apply for this visa to Canada because you can work in Canada for one year and it’s pretty good preparation for the next business step in the US. If you interested here is the link to official website: 



Canada was good and cold experience 🙂 and I still felt that I want to start a business in the USA. In 2018 I finally incorporated my first business in the United States of America!  And this is the beginning of whole story.

I created this blog for everyone who is interested in starting any business in the US. I am going to share my personal experiences, tutorials, tips with doing business in the USA. From my point of view, this blog will probably help more foreign people. However, I hope the blog can be useful even for Americans without any previous business experience.

Besides many startups in the US I run car business in Europe where I am CEO and co-owner.

Guys feel free to add any useful comments that can help anybody solve his or her problem!