Yoast SEO Plugin for WP site

Have you ever heard of SEO? When you have a website you want people coming there and see the content right? There are many ways how to do that. One of them is SEO. I personally think is the most important tool and the fun is the cheapest way how to achieve the goal that your website appears in the first page on Google.

This blog is built on the WP platform. I already mentioned in this article about hosting . I love WP because it allows people without web development experience to create nice websites and also completely managed it. You can also optimize your SEO with many free plugins and there are tons of videos and tutorials on YouTube on how to do that. One of them is the Yoast plugin. It’s probably the most popular plugin and I also use it on this website. Just recently set up according to this tutorial. below. Hopefully, we will see some results soon!

Does Hosting Affect Website Speed?

The answer is pretty short and simple. Undoubtebly!

In the beginning, I would like to tell you what I consider a website speed or loading time. For me, it means how quickly some website is loaded when you search for it in the browser. It sucks when you have to wait even a couple of seconds before the wanted page appears on the screen. It is really annoying when it takes so long to properly display content like images or videos.

I recently changed my hosting provider from Inmotion Hosting to SiteGround. Well guys I don’t wanna deeply review those two providers. However I just wanna admit that Inmotion works good when your website focus on visitors from US, then it’s fast and slightly cheaper compare to SiteGround. Another big advantage of Inmotion hosting is their customer’s support. I had been with them for two years and they had alwsays helped me with any problem in chat. On the other hand when you want to think more globally and focus on readers from whole world than SiteGround is definitely better choice.

I am currently in Europe and working on my first US business so I can really compare website speed and SiteGround works much faster even if their servers are in Iowa in the USA. I mentioned servers I hope you all of you know what server is and if not google it! Actually before you buy your webhosting you can choose the location of the server for your website. I decided to select that one in US primary because my business is mainly dedicated for Americans customers but i hope we can also offer good service for rest of the world. You might ask where Inmotions’s servers are? They are also in US but for some reason in Europe it works pretty bad. I guess is due to SiteGround has servers on many places and they are somehow connected so it’s faster but this is only my assumption 🙂 I am not IT expert but for me is important it works quickly everywhere on the Earth!

What I also want to say is fact that SiteGround is officially recommended as a hosting provider by WordPress and this whole website is built on the WP platform. If you don’t know WP just search it, read it, learn it! My little advice for you, don’t be lazy and try to use the internet as much as you can in order to get any information that will help you to search for something new and useful! There is a true example related to this article. I was not satisfied with the loading speed of this website so I went on Google and search something like Best hosting for WP 2021 or Fastest WP hosting. Then did some research, read some articles, and watched some videos on YouTube for this topis and the result is I bought this new hosting and I am truly satisfied.

If you are considering change hosting provider but already have an existing WP site and don’t wanna lose it, SiteGround offers a free migrator and works perfectly! I have personal experience just a couple of days before and it works perfectly!

What WP hosting do you use guys?