How to obtain US number from abroad


Being the owner of some business has several advantages. One of them is you can get more affordable phone plans. I personally use this wireless provider. They work on the T-Mobile network and I have never had a problem with coverage. You can get an unlimited phone plan with unlimited 4G LTE Data for only  $40 per month + tax which is good. There is no contract so once you need close your line you can without any problem. This provider offers plans only for businesses and you have to prove it with an EIN number. For those who does not know what EIN number is please read this post.

If you plan come to US from abroad I highly recommend you have prepared US SIM with your US number before arrival. I remember when I arrived to LA for the second time and had only number from my country in that time. For some reason the data did not work and I got so lost in airport. For my generation being without internet espicially in new place it’s pretty crazy. I wanted to use Uber in order to get for my rent car and instead of that I had to take very expensive taxi.

You’re probably wondering how to get SIM card to your country if you don’t have address or someone else who could receive your SIM in US. I’m pretty sure that most of the phone providers will only send you your new SIM to some US address. There is pretty good service known as a mail forwarding that enable you use US address so you can comfortably receive any mail or package and then decide to forward anywhere in the world.  It’s cheap and it works.

If someone has a better offer for phone plans than I use please write a comment below! This blog is here in order to help get better information  and possibly save our money