California Mail Forwarding

California Mail Forwarding

My main vision of modern mail forwarding is to have online access to all your mail anytime and anywhere.

This blog was created thanks to my mail-forwarding business in California. Mail on Screen is my first successful business in the U.S and we are growing every month! We provide our customers virtual mailboxes on real street address in Los Angeles. If you are not familiar with terms: mail forwarding, virtual mailbox, virtual office, postal mail address, or just address in California, you can imagine these services as an option for people or businesses who want to have an address in California and be able to receive their postal mail on that address but at the same time for some reason, they don’t want to be or cannot be present on that address. Mail Forwarding providers receive your postal mail daily on the behalf of your name or your business name and further process your coming mail. There are plenty of companies offering different approaches to how you can view and manage your mail. The best mail forwarding providers will always come with an online account (virtual mailbox) where you have many options what to do with your mail such a:


  • open and scan: each mail or set up automatic scanning for all coming mail.
  • forward: each mail or whole mailbox anywhere in the world.
  • Mailout frequency: you can setup mailout frequency automatically (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly)
  • destroy: unwanted or junk mail or promotions – most of the companies offer this for free with secured shredding
  • add recipients: according to the provider and selected plan you can add more mail recipients.
  • manage mail forwarding addreses: you can add more locations where to forward your mail.
  • settings: you should be able to edit your billing address and so on.

Who is mail forwarding for:

  • Professionals: soldiers, sailors, or frequently traveling doctors, lawyers, or any professionals can have 24/7 access to their postal mail if they are out of the home.
  • Athletes: busy athletes often competing around the world are another group of people using mail forwarding.
  • Students: young generation is always online and loves freedom. Mail on Screen offers a plan without a monthly fee for people with a small volume of mail. Just pay as you go.
  • Snowbirds: retired citizens living half of the year in sunny California are also our clients. The snowbirds usually come from northern states or Canada.
  • Digital nomads: traveling lovers from California are one of the famous promoters for mail forwarding itself.
  • Entrepreneurs: I have been a client of mail forwarding for many years before I moved to U.S. Anyone who wants to start doing business from abroad will need an address in the U.S and mail forwarding is probably the most effective and affordable option for that.
  • Businesses: Probably the biggest group of customers are businesses from different states or countries who want to present themself with a California address. Mail on Screen also allows business customers to hire us as agent for service of process in California.
  • Anyone who wants to protect privacy: I have some friends even living in California who just want to protect their home address privacy and they are our satisfied clients.
  • Anyone who wants to manage postal mail online: Time is money especially here in Los Angeles. Why would you waste your time traveling to your local post office if you can view and manage your postal mail completely from your phone or laptop?

Mail on Screen

I mentioned I have been a client of mail forwarding for many years. I used this service for my LLC formed in Wyoming. I always wanted to live in sunny Los Angeles, it was my childhood dream and my mail forwarding provider wasn’t offering service in California. So I decided to build my own business in the Golden State. There are many companies with different business models. My motto is quality over quantity so I decided to manage only one mail forwarding center in one state (yes we have plans to expand to other states!) There are big mail forwarding providers offering plenty of locations in every state but the quality of service can vary from place to place. I personally like it when any service I use is simple and useful for me! Mail on Screen is here to save your time and give you online access to your postal mail! You are most welcome to visit our website!

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