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USA Business Help is here for those who are seeking any helpful information and personal experiences about business in the U.S.

First Trip to US & Canada

For some reason, I have always felt more comfortable as an entrepreneur than an employee. I started my first business when I was twenty-one years old. It was a re-selling mobile plans business in the Czech Republic. Nothing big but it gave me lots of experiences. I sold this business at the beginning of 2020.

In 2016 I visited the U.S for the first time. The main purpose of this 3 months trip was to improve my English skills. I attended an English course in New York City. I also fell in love with the USA and wanted to live my American dream!

Next year I spent ten months in Toronto, Canada. Having a work and travel visa helped me to gain some work experience from North America and most importantly increased the level of my English. I know, it still not perfect but most importantly I understand what people say to me and I don’t have a problem with communication. Don’t worry about your English, America is full of immigrants and people are nice and helpful here!

First LLC in the U.S

At the end of my ten months trip in Canada, I decided to establish my own business entity Falkor LLC formed in the state of Wyoming in January 2018. I knew I want to start some business in the U.S. but I was not prepared for that mentally nor financially. Anyway, my legal business entity was prepared for future business projects. For nearly two years I was patient and keep my LLC well maintained. I have been waiting for the right time to start my first serious business. Some people ask me why I chose the name Falkor LLC. Falkor is the name of the flying dog from Neverending Story, a movie from 1984! I have been a dreamer for whole my life even I am very conservative and responsible in some aspects of my life. Always follow your dreams and don’t listen to the naysayers! This is my favorite advice from one of my biggest hero Arnold Schwarzenegger!

Work Experince & First Success

After Canada, I got an interesting job offer and became fleet manager in a local Volkswagen car dealership in the Czech Republic. This work experience was probably the only job I have ever worked as an employee. I left this job in February 2020. Thanks to the contacts from this job, I have started my own car export business together with my business partner in 2019.

I am the CEO and 50% owner of a successful and profitable car export business in the Czech Republic. Our company is a reliable B2B partner on the European market with new cars. We are growing every year even during COVID-19. One of my goals is to keep this business stable and profitable for the future even I am currently in Los Angeles. Thanks to the internet I think it is possible!

  • 2019 We sold over 200 cars
  • 2020 We sold over 700 cars
  • 2021 The situation is complicated due this year but I believe we at least repeat last year!

Our company also recently purchased the first rental property, a house with nine units in the Czech Republic. This is a big step for me. I have always wanted to invest in real estate with monthly cash flow from rents but I have never had enough money and bank credit for that. Finally, I have that business and if you have a successful business then banks love you! I don’t want to mention Kiyosaki’s books but this schema thankfully works! Unfortunately not for everyone. My advice is instead of trying to buy something without money, it is better to start some business and grow step by step. I know most people don’t wanna hear this but it’s true, sorry… I am going to write some posts about this recent investment just for comparison with similar investments in the U.S.

Mail on Screen & E-2

In February 2020, my car export business in the Czech Republic was finally stabilized and I was ready to put my effort into a new business project. I went on a business trip and vacation to Los Angeles and, also visited some friends. Initially, I considered I would start some business related to automotive but suddenly COVID-19 had come. I felt it is not smart to dive into the car business in this uncertain age. I had several business meetings with some experienced entrepreneurs, and we talked about business tips and possible cooperation on some business projects. Finally, I met the CEO of Planet Express successful package forwarding business. He told me he would like to start a mail forwarding business that is very related to his own business, but he has no capacity for that and offered me cooperation. I knew this is a good deal for me. I know how important business contacts are in any business especially in a foreign country. What more I have over 3 years of experience with mail forwarding as a customer for my existing LLC. I decided to build my own mail forwarding service under the name: Mail on Screen.

It took me 6 months to prepare everything with my project manager and software development team. It wasn’t easy for me because while working on Mail on Screen I worked full-time in my car business in the Czech Republic. In January 2021 I started work on my E-2 application. They were endless evenings and after two months of preparation, I finally applied for E-2. Thankfully it worked and they trusted me in the embassy! In May 2021 I finally moved to Los Angeles, California. Mail on Screen is gradually growing and we work hard every day to improve everything possible for our customers.

What next?

Let me think… Well, after I will become successful and rich in the U.S, then I am going to… don’t worry you will see!


  • Don’t listen to the naysayers! Don’t listen to your parents, family, friends, just don’t! Listen to your heart and follow your dreams!
  • Be patient. This is probably the hardest thing. I am 29. I have tried several business ideas since I left university when I was 21 (I did not finish it) I can truly tell you that my first real working business is my car export business. It took me 6-7 years before I built something really profitable. I have also two other examples. First Story: in 2016 when I arrived to NYC I thought pretty confident about my English. After the first talk with some American, I was shocked I literally didn’t understand him any word. Today I have no problem! Second Story: in 2017 I was flying to Toronto. I already knew about E-2 Visa at that time. I was asking myself how could I establish a business in the U.S or even start something successful. I did not have any idea what business to start. 4 years later I have a growing business in the U.S., an E-2 visa and I live in Cali!
  • Trust yourself and be confident. Once you will gain some success in business and you will be more financially stable you will see everything is suddenly easier!
  • Don’t do that only for money. Your business must be your passion. I love cars, I like driving and that’s probably why I like my car export business in Europe. My highest priority and value in my life is freedom and that’s why I like to build and work on mail forwarding. Mail on Screen helps customers be freer and completely manage their postal mail from anywhere in the world! Life is amazing! Stay positive even it is hard sometimes!

You can contact me in English, Czech and Slovak at peter@mailonscreen.com


Slovakia long time ago 🙂