Finally in Florida!

Last week I finally arrived in Pompano Beach, my new home from North Carolina. I drove 12 hours and to be honest I am done for some time with long trips like that. At the beginning of December, I drove from LA to Chapel Hill, NC in three days – 2500 miles and last week another 800 miles to Florida.

Alright, first comparison between Florida and California? In Florida, most of the people live their lives like there is no COVID! Yeah, no masks, no vaccination, no certificates – God Bless the free state of Florida! The only places you have to wear masks are airports, healthcare, and governemnet buildings.

I would like to mention other two things. Drivers in Miami are probably worse than in LA, more aggresive but traffic is probably slightly better here. It’s moving at least. Humidity is present even now in winter. It is nothing crazy but I feel it. However the weather is just amazing. I don’t have to think what to wear. You just need here t-shirts and shorts. In LA in this time evenings are pretty chilly, in South Florida evenings are nice warm with wind that cool you down.

I spent two weeks in LA during Christmas and had a little bit of time so I put together some facts, tips about living in Florida and about the US in general. The website is in Czech language. Please do not judge me for grammar 😀

I am pretty busy currently but I hope I will write more again. See ya!

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