Passing the smog test in California

For those who don’t know what a smog test is or in other word the smog inspection, here comes my definition. The smog test is an emission test that measures pollution from your car. Basically, if the values of pollution are under the state limits your car will pass the smog test. If your car exceeds limits, then your car will fail the test. Simply right? I think we all know this from almost all countries.

My first experience with the smog test was recently I bought my first used car. The fun is that I found today while writing this post that the seller’s responsibility is to provide the car with passed smog test when selling you the used car. The smog test is valid for 90 days. The previous owner sold me the car without passed the smog test. According to the state law, he shouldn’t have sold me the car. However, I passed a smog test without any problem and I am glad I could learn something new. But remember if you sell a used car here in California, it is your responsibility to sell the car with valid and passed the smog test.

There are many exceptions what vehicles that don’t need the smog test. You can find them on the offical DMV website. DMV is Department of motor vehicles.

Alright, here comes the story. When I came to pick up my car after the first oil change. I asked the technician if they offer smog inspection there. He said no but gave me a recommendation to some smog test check nearby. A few days later I visited them after lunch. I didn’t know what to expect because passing the smog inspection in my country can take hours. The guy from smog service told me. I’ve got time now and it will only take 15 minutes. I said cool and asked him if he needs the title (document of car ownership). He didn’t need anything. He just checked the car and connected with his computer and a few minutes later he said your car is okay and you passed the smog test!

The price was $60 and he gave me the paper copy of the passed smog test and then he added. The original smog test was just sent through the online system to the DMV and the test is valid for 90 days. He also said you don’t need to show a copy of the passed smog test when you will transfer the title on DMV but is always better to bring it there if there is some problem with the online system.

This was easy! The next story will be about DMV’s experience – How did I transfer the car to my name. DMV is a nightmare for all Americans and today I finally know why!

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