First Service for Mercedes (oil change and tires replacement)

Yesterday I described a whole horrible story about buying the first used car in the USA but with the happy end!

The guy who sold me the car claimed me he just did an oil change a month ago but then he said you can change too 😀 So I was like hmm let’s do it again because you never know 🙂

Here in LA, you can find many car services almost in every street but which one to choose if you don’t know almost anybody here. I just searched on Google and was looking for something like European Cars service near me and then checked the review from customers. I found this service just 1 mile away from my current home. I took the car to service and talked to some guy: I told him that I just bought the car and wanna change the oil and check the car if is safe to drive. We also checked the tires and they were 7 years old (that’s a lot and I didn’t want to risk some trouble here especially on the highway) He asked me if I wanna buy tires from them. I wanted to buy tires by myself because I thought the price should be lower. He said, okay just bring your new tires and we will put them on the car while oil change tomorrow.

Then I search for the tires and found the Czech brand – Barum! The price wasn’t the lowest but still affordable so I decided to buy them. I still have to support my country even I am overseas 🙂

The store America’s Tire is just a block away from and the tires were on stock so no problem. I asked them about DOT (you can find from this number when the tires were made – I always wanna new tires not 1-2 years old!)

The next day I brought the car to the service at 9:00 AM it was our deal from the previous day with new tires in the trunk. They asked me if I want to wait and the estimated time is 2-3 hours. I gave them my number and walked back home instead of waiting there. A few hours later they called that car is ready. They also checked the car and told me, that car is in good condition: the brakes are almost new and they didn’t find any oil leaks.



  • 4x Tires – Barum Bravuris 205/55/16 – $365 including tax

Oil Change + Tires Replacement

  • 4X Tires – Replacent + balancing – $80
  • Oil change (synthetic oil, oil filter, drain plug washer) – $136.54
  • Total: $229.24 including tax

I noticed the only problem with the car. Sometimes blinks ESP light on display- but it does not affect drive at all.

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