E-2 Visa Approved! I moved to Los Angeles!

Hi guys! In 2016 I visited the U.S. for the first time as a tourist. It took me more than 5 years to moved finally to the U.S with an investor visa. First of all, I am here temporary on an E-2 visa for 5 years. E-2 visas are for investors who want to start or already own and manage a business in the United States. I promise I will write the process of getting an E-2 visa very soon. What I can tell that E-2 Visa is connected to your American company (business). I recently started offer mail forwarding services called Mail on Screen in Los Angeles. You can check our website! Mail on Screen is currently my main child in LA so you can expect many experiences on the blog here.

It’s have been a while I posted last article because I was really busy while preparing my visa application and at the same time working daily on Mail on Screen. I had also another reason. I wanted to dive into writing the after getting my visa because I personally belive that it’s more useful to share my personal experience with business and life in the USA than write theoretic articles without any experience, right?

I have been here for 3 weeks and I already have at least 10 ideas about next coming posts:

  • E-2 Visa
  • NIE – National Interest Exception (COVID-19) + flying to US when travel ban.
  • Renting Mustang at the airport
  • Buying first used car in US – horrible experience
  • First service for your car
  • Smog test and DMV – How to register your new car on your name
  • Los Angeles and COVID-19
  • Incorporation foreign LLC in California
  • Opening a bank account for your LLC without SSN
  • Applying for SSN while COVID-19
  • Searching for lease (apartment) – while still waiting for SSN
  • Mail on Screen

I am gonna try to write the posts mentioned above when I have some time! See ya!

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