Yoast SEO Plugin for WP site

Have you ever heard of SEO? When you have a website you want people coming there and see the content right? There are many ways how to do that. One of them is SEO. I personally think is the most important tool and the fun is the cheapest way how to achieve the goal that your website appears in the first page on Google.

This blog is built on the WP platform. I already mentioned in this article about hosting . I love WP because it allows people without web development experience to create nice websites and also completely managed it. You can also optimize your SEO with many free plugins and there are tons of videos and tutorials on YouTube on how to do that. One of them is the Yoast plugin. It’s probably the most popular plugin and I also use it on this website. Just recently set up according to this tutorial. below. Hopefully, we will see some results soon!

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