How to send money to US bank from abroad?

Recently I described how to open a business bank account in the US. Today I will show you a fast and cheap way to send money from your country to your bank account in the US. Let’s imagine that you are starting for instance an online business from abroad. I mean you are not present in America yet but you already incorporated business and opened a bank account. You need to pay some business expenses and sometimes you have to add money to that bank account. Or even you can be already in US but you need more money so you send and transfer your savings from your currency.

I use service TransferWise and I can tell you it works perfectly. It is cheap, fast and I would say secure. I have never had any problems. It is completely online!

It is easy to sign up and there is no monthly fee. You only pay when you send the money.

How do they work? I guess that TransferWise has bank account almost in every country. So you can conveniently send money to them from your currency. Let’s imagine that you are from Germany and your currency is the euro. You wanna get exactly $1000 to your American bank account so you set up that amount of money in your account. At this moment it is approximately 853 euro and the fee is less than $6 for this transaction. I guarantee you it’s far cheaper than using a standard bank transfer from german bank to the US bank. So you set up the amount of money, then add recipient (can be you) and decide wheater you send a standard bank wire or pay with credit or debit card (it is slightly more expensive but faster) Finish transaction and save or print screen the transaction (just for your safety) Usually during 2-3 business days you can expect money on your US bank account.

Just be careful when you are adding an account and routing numbers.

I hope there are plenty of similar services but I believe that TransferWise is one of the famous ones and it works properly.

Remember this is not only for the business you can always use it as a person. You can send money to your friend, to your family, whatever.

Hope it helped you guys and ask me in comments below!

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