What is my business in Europe?

Well, I come originally from the Czech Republic. The country next to Germany. You might ask why I mentioned Germany? First of all most of you will probably know Germany rather than the Czech Republic so you can see where I come from but this is not the main reason. I am CEO and co-owner in the car business. Our company buys brand new cars in our country (Czech) and sell them to car dealers mostly to Germany. This business is called re-export. It is probably important to mention I used to work as a business sales manager in a local car dealership a couple of years ago so it helped me start this business. The fun is that I didn’t like to be an employee but thanks to this work experience I run this business today.

The whole point is that we are able to find and buy cars cheaper in our country or cars that are not available and sell them to dealers in EU. Thanks to the fact that Germany is probably the strongest economy in the EU their citizens and businesses can afford mostly new cars. It is not a secret that countries from the post-soviet union or let’s say from eastern Europe sell many cars, all brands to richer western Europe. Sometimes it no makes sense to make new VW Golf in a factory in Germany – then sells it to VW dealer to Czech Republic where our company buys it and sells it back to some EU dealer in Germany. But it brings me money so I don’t care!

New Seat Leon Sportwagon 2020 that we just sold to Germany (Seat is originally a car brand from Spain currently not sold in North America, however, the car is a twin with VW Golf MK8)

Last year we sold over 200 cars and had an annual turnover of $3.7M and this year (2020) even in this COVID shit we are going to sell something between 400-500 cars and hopefully have a turnover of $7-9M! I love this business, especially for one reason. I can manage it almost completely online so I don’t have to be present in Europe. I don’t like businesses that keep you in someplace as a slave. The reason I do business is that it brings freedom or it will one day.

Above you can see three new Seat Leons loaded on the truck waiting for transport to their new customers in Germany.

A similar example could be that someone buys cars in Canada or in Mexico and sells them to the US. By the way, if there is someone from you guys who are involved in some car business in the US and knows if this works here then don’t hesitate to contact me and discuss. I am interested to talk about that because I personally believe that the schema of business could be very similar and why not to try do this business in the US.

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